Blue Flower

Month: September

Year: 2020

Travel was one of the things that I took for granted, until 2020, early 2020.  In March 2020 in the USA the country made some changes due to COVID-19, a pandemic that has impacted many, if not all people and countries across the world.  Since March of 2020 the lives of everyone have been changed and impacted.  Traveling during the pandemic is not recommended but can also not be completely stopped.  The truth is, travel is needed for many in part as a way to generate income for some people and/or cities around the world. Long story short, I was traveling to from the east coast to the west coast. 

Before this trip to California, I had previously traveled within my home state and to Florida.  However, all previous travel was in very controlled environments.  I had my own vehicle, my own cleaning supplies, and had more control of the places I went to and how close I was to another person.  Taking a plane left me feeling vulnerable with the protection of a mask, disinfectant wipes, and some vitamin C.  Social distancing was in place throughout all of the airport until I boarded the plane.  The flight would be full and every seat was filled with a masked person.  The masks came down when refreshments were served and then immediately went back up (I assume we all hoped none of us would cough during this time).  Upon arrival to LAX and de-boarding the plane, social distancing resumed yet the eerie feeling began.

Los Angeles in itself was not as busy and full of commotion as usual.  There were many people out and about yet the the City of Angels that I had grown up in and visited was not as it used to be.  This time, it was different, everyone was quieter and did not seem as rushed.  Public places such as parks were closed but the beach was open.  Restaurants had outdoor dining or only provided to go orders.  The sky was still cloudy from all the recent fires that were still burning. 

The food was great as always, my new favorite was the Asian Mexican fusion food from the Kogi Food Truck and the delectable empanadas and cake from Porto's Bakery.  However, every visit to Los Angeles requires a meal of chilaquiles at La Playita Cafe in Hermosa Beach.

Kogi Food Truck                                          Porto's Bakery yummies                           Chilaquiles from La Playita Cafe