Blue Flower

Month: September

Year: 2020

Travel was one of the things that I took for granted, until 2020, early 2020.  In March 2020 in the USA the country made some changes due to COVID-19, a pandemic that has impacted many, if not all people and countries across the world.  Since March of 2020 the lives of everyone have been changed and impacted.  Traveling during the pandemic is not recommended but can also not be completely stopped.  The truth is, travel is needed for many in part as a way to generate income for some people and/or cities around the world. Long story short, I was traveling to from the east coast to the west coast. 

     Two of my many favorite things are weekends and travel.  I enjoy the weekends because it usually means I'm going somewhere fun, with the exception of those obligatory adulting things that come up.  What I don't enjoy about the weekends or travel is all the junk food and restaurant food I eat.  During the week I stay on track with my health goals, but once the weekend gets here all bets are off.  This usually means that by Sunday night I'm laying in the bed in agony or wake up Monday morning with horrible nausea and/or stomach pain.  After the first few times any "smart" person would have put an end to this masochist cycle.  I, however, am stubborn.  This past weekend I was traveling to Raleigh, NC to visit Offspring 1 in celebration of aging one more year.  Such milestones are celebrated with food and a visit to a place of her choice.  This meant two things for me, it was the weekend and I was traveling, my two favorite culprits of my end of the weekend suffering.  This is the point where I mention that I have a problem with food.  I enjoy food, I enjoy good food.  I like eating and tasting all the wonderful flavors.